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The current pandemic has highlighted social inequities. Some are social, cultural; some are spatial, territorial; some are environmental and so on. COVID-19 has taught us about how cities / neighborhood / spaces need to plan, build and design differently in the future. What social resiliency means in the context of a Pandemic and Public Health Crisis.

The student is to identify a Public Space in neighborhood/City/Local Area like Park, Central Courts/Street Corners/ Waterfronts/Piazza/Streets or any such Public Place – Open or Covered and to design, redesign, reinvent, recreate that place attempting to find Resilience keeping in mind this New Normal Situation post COVID-19 Pandemic. 

One should venture beyond the ordinary boundaries of Architecture – not only be aware of one’s surroundings and events but also attempt to seek answers. The project should show us how “an Architect” can bring about a “Resolution” in a “Resilience”, and demonstrate the architect’s role as a thinker, a reformer, an activist, and a visionary. 

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